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2023 General Election - November 2, 2023


Woodruff Election Announcement 2023

Laketown Election Announcement 2023

Randolph Election Announcement 2023

Garden City Election Announcement 2023

2022 General Election - November 8, 2022


2022 November Election Results (PDF)

2022 Financial Reports Candidates Combined (updated 12/13/2022)



Primary Election Results
2022 Primary Summary Results
2022 Primary Official Precinct Results



Republican Primary Election Sample Ballot (PDF) TUESDAY, JUNE 28, 2022

Primary Election Information Flyer June 28, 2022 


The Democratic and Republican parties will be holding a Primary election to determine which candidate will represent their party on the November General Election ballot. The parties, not our office, determine the rules surrounding who may vote in their primary election. The ballot you receive is based on the political party you affiliated with on your most recent voter registration application.

Republican = will automatically receive the Republican ballot

Democrat = will automatically receive the Democratic ballot

Unaffiliated =

  • May request a Republican ballot by affiliating with the Republican Party up to and including on Election Day.
  • May request a Democratic ballot online, by contacting the Elections Office, or in person on Election Day.

Green, Independent American, Libertarian, Constitution, United Utah =

  • May request a Republican ballot by changing affiliation to “Republican” no later than February 3, 2020.
  • May request a Democratic ballot online, by contacting the Elections Office, or in person on Election Day.

Voters may only vote one party's ballot - not both. If you choose not to vote in the Presidential Primary, you will still receive a ballot for the November General Election.

Candidates filing for the 2022 Election

Declaration Of Candidate Filing Week Change (PDF)


2020 Election - November 3, 2020

2020 Official Election Results (PDF)

General Election Information (PDF)

General Election Sample Ballot (PDF)

2020 Financial Campaign Reports (PDF) (Edited 12/3/2020)


2020 Presidential Primary Election - March 3, 2020

Primary Election Results (PDF)

Primary Election Information (PDF)

Sample 2020 Primary Ballots (PDF)

Referendum 2020 (January 27th Excel File)


Rich County is ALL-BY-MAIL voting. Please check with the County Clerk's Office to see if your information is correct and you have a signature on file. You are eligible to vote in Utah if you are a United States citizen, at least 18 years old on or before election day, and will have resided in the State for 30 days prior to election day. If you are an incarcerated felon you are not eligible to vote in Utah. Municipal Elections to elect the mayor and council members are nonpartisan and are held on odd-numbered years. These elections are administered by the City offices and the polling places may be different than those used in even-numbered years. Countywide elections are held in even-numbered years and are administered by the County Clerk/Auditor office. The Election Division is under the direction of Anneliesa Peart, Rich County Clerk/Auditor.

Adopted Rich County Voting Precincts (PDF)

State of Utah Mail-in Voter Registration Form  (PDF)

State of Utah Mail-in Voter Registration Form (MS Word Document)

2018 Elections

2018 Election Results (PDF)

2018 Official Primary Results (PDF)

By Mail Election - November 6, 2018 (PDF)

School Board Candidate Financial Campaign Reports (PDF)

2010 - 2016 Elections

2016 General Election Results (PDF)

2016 Primary Election Results (PDF)

2015 General Municipal Election Totals (PDF)

2014 Election Results (PDF)

2014 Primary Election Result Summary (PDF)

2012 Election Results (PDF)

2010 Rich County Election Report (PDF)