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Randolph, UT 84064
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Statewide initiatives from the 2023 General Election in Utah


2024 Rich County Election

Notice of Republican Primary Election Ballot Processing (PDF)

Election Notice Polling Locations (PDF)

Elections Logic & Accuracy Test June 4th at 2 PM (PDF)

Notice of 2024 Election for UOCAVA Voters (PDF)

Sample Republican Ballot for Rich County Utah June 25, 2024 (PDF)

Rich County Democratic Presidential Primary results on

2024 Democratic Presidential Primary Election Results and Certification (PDF)


Candidate List:

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Seeking Office of:

Financial Report 1

Financial Report 1

Kim Wilson


Kim Wilson 1

 Kim Wilson 2 

Jon Lee

Commissioner C

Jon Lee 1

Jon Lee 2

Mike Leonhardt

Commissioner C

Mike Leonhardt 1

Mike Leonhardt 2 

Scott Sabey

Local School Board #1

Scott Sabey 1

Scott Sabey 2 

Nikalus Wallentine

Local School Board #1

Nikalus Wallentine 1

Nikalus Wallentine 2 

Peter Cornia

Local School Board #2

Pete Cornia 1

Pete Cornia 2 

Tyler Pugmire

Local School Board #2

Tyler Pugmire 1  

Tyler Pugmire 2 

Zack McKee

Local School Board #5

Zack McKee 1

Zack McKee 2

Maydi Eastman


Maydi Eastman 1

Maydi Eastman 2

Kaia Bowden


Kaia-Bowden 1

Kaia Bowden 2

Jem Wilson


Jem Wilson 1

Jem Wilson 2

LouJean Argyle


LouJean Argyle 1

LouJean Argyle 2  

Primary Elections


In 2024 there will be partisan primary elections.

• The Democratic Party will have a Presidential Primary Election on March 5, 2024.
• The Republican Party has chosen to hold a Presidential Preference Poll in conjunction with their
statewide caucus meetings on March 5, 2024.
• According to State Law, political parties set rules regarding who may participate in their
primary elections and caucuses.
• Your party affiliation will determine which ballot you receive and which primary or caucus you
may participate in. Your party affiliation cannot be changed after Tuesday, January 9, 2024 at 5
pm. and will remain in effect through the June 2024 Primary Election. It will also remain in
thereafter unless you choose to change it.
• You may remain unaffiliated past this deadline and affiliate with your chosen party at any
• If you are an unaffiliated voter and would like a ballot for the democratic primary in March,
please notify our office by phone or email.
• If you would like to participate in the Republican caucus, please update your voter registration

You can review your voter registration and party affiliation and make necessary changes at or contact the Rich County Clerks Office at 435-793-2415.



Rich County is ALL-BY-MAIL voting. Please check with the County Clerk's Office to see if your information is correct and you have a signature on file. You are eligible to vote in Utah if you are a United States citizen, at least 18 years old on or before election day, and will have resided in the State for 30 days prior to election day. If you are an incarcerated felon you are not eligible to vote in Utah. Municipal Elections to elect the mayor and council members are nonpartisan and are held on odd-numbered years. These elections are administered by the City offices and the polling places may be different than those used in even-numbered years. Countywide elections are held in even-numbered years and are administered by the County Clerk/Auditor office. The Election Division is under the direction of Anneliesa Peart, Rich County Clerk/Auditor.

Adopted Rich County Voting Precincts (PDF)

State of Utah Mail-in Voter Registration Form  (PDF)

State of Utah Mail-in Voter Registration Form (MS Word Document)


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