RichCountyRx - Prescription Drug Card Program

The high cost of prescription drugs is taking its toll on families and individuals throughout our community.  That’s why we developed RichCountyRx, a joint effort of Rich County and the National Association of Counties (NACo), which can save you money on prescription medications.  The card is FREE and available to all Rich county residents, full time or part time, regardless of age, income or existing health insurance.

RichCountyRx is:

  • Useful. All commonly prescribed prescription drugs are covered, brand name and generic.
  • Automatic. Your pharmacist activates the card the moment you present it.
  • Easy.  There are no claim forms to fell out and no annual fees to pay.
  • No limits. Any member of your family can use the card.  There are no limits on how many you may use your card.

Even if you have prescription drug insurance coverage, you may still benefit from the RichCountyRx card, since it may save you money on drugs your existing plan does not cover.

Cards are available at:

Garden City

  • Garden City Office
  • Garden City Library
  • Bear Lake Community Health Center


  • Dee’s Super Service


  • Rich County Courthouse
  • Senior Center/Randolph Library
  • Bear River Health Department/Comprehensive Family Dental
  • Randolph Country Store
  • The Station


  • Woodruff Country Store


For more information, please check the following PDF links:


This is not insurance. Discounts are only available at participating pharmacies.